Our Story

GreenShoots was founded in October 2010, with a focus on micro finance. Since then we have honed and evaluated our work to take on a holistic approach to development- one that takes into account various factors of poverty and utilises local partners for inclusive programme delivery.

“A world in which all people live in dignity and security and are able to provide for their families.”

“The prevention or relief of poverty through the implementation in greater Asia or Africa of holistic and sustainable development programmes combining economic empowerment with access to education and/or medical aid.”

Our Approach


We ensure best practices are followed for achieving program goals- with particular importance towards accountability and transparency. This brings about efficiency in our operations and also a culture for continuous improvement within our organization and network of local partners.


While introducing best practices we are also aware of taking necessary steps to ensure they are carried out with consistency. For this, a participatory approach is taken and activities are planned in conjunction with local partners. Individual projects also focus on knowledge share and exchange


At the core of our success is being able to transfer invaluable knowledge at affordable or no cost. Through our initiatives, we organize, create, capture or distribute knowledge and ensure its availability for future users. This is knowledge in the form of: skills, expertise, ideas and first-hand learning. It allows our local partners to improve their abilities and develop a culture of long-term planning and financial viability

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