Volunteer Opportunities


At Green Shoots Foundation, we highly value the contribution of volunteers and continuously offer opportunities in a wide range of areas.

Current Opportunities available through our Headquarters:

  • Graphic Design
  • Legal Aid
  • Applied Research
  • Impact Research
  • Fundraising

Opportunities available in the field:

In the context of our Medical Assistance & Medical Education (MAME) programme, we are recruiting HIV medicine doctors (registrars) for missions of 3-12 months in Myanmar / Burma.

In the context of our Food & Agriculture and Social Entrepreneurship (FASE) programme, we are recruiting volunteers for social business and social innovation missions of 3-12 months in the Philippines.

Please send your CV and a brief desciription of your area of expertise and availability to  info@greenshootsfoundation.org Be sure to indicate which opportunities you would like to be considered for.

We look forward to working together!