Questions to ask for Project Design

Is there a need?

Are we able to address it?

Can we find the right local partner?

Is the project viable?

Is it likely to have an impact?

Education Loans & Social Entrepreneurship (ELSE)

“Support economic empowerment as a tool for achieving economic and social sustainability”

OBJECTIVE: stable and consistent support for children to continue education by:

  • Promoting education in urban and peri-urban slums
  • Addressing education gender gap
  • Promoting social enterprises and urban entrepreneurship for parents and youth

Supporting local microfinance establishments and social enterprise mentoring

Food, Agriculture & Social Entrepreneurship (FASE)

“Revitalising rural economies by sustainable agriculture skills and business development”

OBJECTIVE: Fight rural poverty and rural exodus by:

  • Addressing a lack of education in the countryside
  • Promoting sustainable farming techniques
  • Addressing a lack of social capital in the countryside
  • Promoting rural entrepreneurship

Agriculture Training, Sustainable Vegetable Gardens, Social Enterprise Missions

“Revitalising rural economies by sustainable agriculture skills and business development”

Medical Assistance & Medical Education (MAME)

“Engaging HIV medical professionals by knowledge transfer and improving access to treatment”

OBJECTIVE: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases by:

  • Addressing a lack of access to ARV therapy for HIV
  • Promoting clear guidelines and standardized protocols
  • Transferring medical knowledge to local practitioners
  • Helping develop local guidelines

Medical Missions, Workshops, Doctor Fellowships

The Bart Mauldin Award ("BMA")

Bart-MauldinThe Bart Mauldin Award (BMA) is a prize awarded to deserving students in the developing world in search of funds to further their academic studies. Green Shoots works with a number of Education NGOs/charities in order to select relevant candidates (among them are: Enfants du Mekong, Ethiopian Education Foundation (EEF) and Gawad Kalinga).To be eligible, candidates will need to demonstrate high academic and extracurricular achievements at school and a strong motivation to study and learn.


Every year, after careful selection and without any discrimination based on gender, race or religion, one candidate will be chosen as recipient of the BMA. The BMA will then be paid to the relevant NGO/charity as “restricted funding” to be 100% allocated to the payment of school fees/tuition/ school books and other expenses necessary for the education of the candidate.


We welcome all private donations or grants from trusts & foundations to fund the BMA. Green Shoots has committed that all donations to the BMA will be allocated 100% to the BMA, there will be no overheads/administration charges by Green Shoots.The BMA 2013 was awarded to Abeba Mitiku of Ethiopia.