Revitalising rural economies
by sustainable agriculture
skills and business development

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Support economic empowerment
as a tool for achieving
economic and social sustainability

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Engaging HIV medical professionals
by knowledge transfer and improving
access to treatment

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BIG GIVE Christmas challenge 2017

Green Shoots is taking part in the BIG GIVE Christmas challenge 2017

Help us meet our target goal of £12,000! BIG GIVE will match your pledges and donations, so your money will go twice the way!

A pledge is your promise to give minimum £100 on this link by September 1 2017. We need these to qualify for the Big Give. Your pledge will be collected after 5 December and YOUR PLEDGE WILL BE MATCHED!

Donate any amount on this link during the BIG GIVE donation drive starting 12pm on 28 November and ending at 12pm on 5 December, and YOUR DONATIONS WILL BE MATCHED!

Feeling creative? Why not FUN-draise your donation amount! For ideas to get you started, click above. Don’t forget to use the “Donate here later” link during the drive, and YOUR RAISED FUNDS WILL BE MATCHED!

What will we do with the funds?

Funds raised through the Big Give Christmas Challenge will be donated to the Agriculture Skills in Public Schools (ASPUS) Project which incorporates vegetable farming into the main school curriculum in 44 schools in Cambodia. Your money will go a long way by:

  • skilling up Cambodian youth in sustainable, efficient and competitive farming techniques and methods
  • giving vocational and business skills training to young workers so that they can earn a sustainable living
  • sponsoring students for further education

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Our Programmes

£1000 in microfinance loans for people
living with HIV in Vietnam

4,374 hours of mentoring
given to HIV doctors and nurses by
our medical volunteers in our
countries of operations

2,852 local HIV doctors trained
through fellowships in the UK and
workshops plus training on the

43 schools with 30 x 20 m2 vegetable
gardens with an average harvest of
40 kg per quarter

4,950 students trained and practicing
vegetable gardening

31 hours of agri-skills training
provided to students per month since
September 2014

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