10 ideas for 10K
05 Jul

10 ideas for 10K

Thank you for your interest in helping raise funds for the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017!

We at Green Shoots believe FUN-draising can be, well, really fun! While long-term fundraising involves meetings, application forms, and lots of admin, raising money for the Big Give challenge each year allows us to be a lot more creative.

All funds collected will go towards agriculture skills projects for young people in Cambodia- there are 43 vegetable gardens and these funds will help us organise training, upkeep of the gardens and buy materials when needed. In the past three years we have trained 47 teachers to be School Garden Facilitators and nearly 5,000 students on how to set up a completely chemical-free, sustainable vegetable garden. Another achievement has been to incorporate this training as part of the school curriculum.

Our team recently attended the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) Small Charities Week Fundraising Conference where we got some great tips and inspiration.

Here are just a few ideas on how we can fundraise:

  •   Have a community bake-sale
  •   Do a spring clean and auction unused goods on e-Bay
  •   Host a games night and charge for entry
  •   Skip your daily gourmet coffee and donate your savings
  •   Get sponsored for a challenge like running 5k or going vegan
  •   At your next party, have a cash bar serving cocktails and mocktails
  •   Celebrate your birthday by asking for donations instead of gifts
  •   Attend our fundraising events. Coming soon.<link>
  •   Auctioning a skill for charity
  •   Host a supper club or potluck

 Top tips 

1) You have until November, so try and have small regular events.

2)  Don’t forget to tell all people participating that it’s a matched fund-raising initiative. Whatever money you raise will be doubled by The Big Give when donated online via the Big Give link during the donation drive week November 28 – December 5.

3)   Engage your workplace!

4) Share it on social media!

Lastly, you can contact us if you have any questions!

We can also provide you with materials to help publicise your event